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Break Room, Coffee & Water Service

Increase Employee Satisfaction & Morale

Offering your employees a great coffee experience in the office goes a long way in establishing a satisfied and motivated organization.

Increase productivity – and your bottom line

Almost two out of three employees spend 15 minutes or more per day purchasing coffee or tea. For an office of 25 people that’s over 20 hours of lost productivity each week.

To inquire about our Coffee and Water equipment programs.

Contact us at 713-864-6004 or email us at tejas@tejasoffice.com

Break Room Supplies

Healthy employees are vital to a productive workplace. Allow Tejas to help keep your break room clean and your employees healthy.  Tejas offers a wide variety of cleaning supplies, sanitizers, and paper goods including “green” alternatives

“We’ll even go a step further and come to you with complimentary break room replenishment services that automatically and predictably restock your office on a regular basis. No more running out because you ran out.”